While we know learning is the real deal, we also understand the importance of putting your learning to making your life better, financially. Won’t you agree that we all upgrade our skills and knowledge from time to time for better roles in our organisations and increased incomes? That is exactly the foundation of the courses designed by iX Global. Our aim is to empower our learners with everything required to excel in a particular field.

So, here’s how iX Global courses help you earn money after enrolling for the courses.

Current and executable course content
Our courses at iX Global are a right mix of theoretical as well as practical knowledge.  When a learner joins any of our courses, they get access to our hybrid learning platform. The theoretical knowledge helps the learners build a strong foundation and understanding of the subject. This is imparted through course videos and LIVE lectures with the top coaches in the respective fields.

Post this, through the platform, the learners are also provided with everyday current information to stay abreast with the latest updates in the respective courses they have enrolled for. This helps them in making informed investment and business decisions when they start applying their learnings to actual businesses, be it financial investments, their own ecommerce platforms or starting their own dropshipping business. All the
decisions they make are backed by the trends of the economy.

Become a part of learners community
What is better than having a community of like minded people, learning the same subjects and answering each others’ questions and helping each other in their business growth? iX Global’s learning platform hosts this community of learners where they can interact and collaborate with each other in growing their businesses multifolds. In the past one year the platform has seen multiple businesses grow amongst this community.
What’s even better is that your co-learners can become your buyers, business partners and sometimes mentors too.

iX Global’s Assisted platforms
For some of the courses like e-commerce and dropshipping, iX Global provides assistance to create and set up the e-commerce platform for learners to start their online dropshipping business. For a nominal fee, learners can outsource their online store creation and product procurement to the experts at iX Global while they focus on the marketing and sales of their products. This is almost like finishing the course with a ready platform in hand to start implementing the knowledge gathered during the course into business and income.

The upside of taking any course with iX Global is the dedicated supportive ecosystem that the learners get to become a part of. The results show how this community has helped each other in building businesses and incomes. If you are looking for courses that will help you in building your own business and generating income as well; contact us right away



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