Google it, and you would know all the reasons to believe how iX Global is illegal. You might find some absolutely weird and unrelatable responses to this question too.Β  While the results of this search might put some doubts in your head and perplex some, but before making up your mind, we would urge you to check the credibility of the sources and their association and experience with the learning platform.

Most of the time, systems that give unbelievable results, are believed too good to be true and hence not properly understood. This lack of understanding creates doubts for people and what is worse is that these sources multiply by the doubt further by passing on information as per their own understanding. The result – total chaos and flow of half-understood, illogical information!

Many a time the first question that we, as an organization, are asked by the new learners is – Is iX Global legal? And we have always welcomed this question and today we decided to take this opportunity to answer it and a few other similar questions.

iX Global is LEGAL. It is a Utah-based company. As per the company’s act 2013, since the maximum shareholder of the company is a US citizen, the company doesn’t fall under the obligation to have itself registered in India. Ministry of Corporate Affairs registration is required for companies that have registered offices in India, iX Global doesn’t need it since we are an online education platform.

However as per supreme courts requirements for companies to do business in India, iX Global has a nodal officer and compliance and grievance officer in India.

We are known for the results that our learners have achieved after taking up our financial trading courses. Our course curriculum is so robust and created in a way to make sure our learners get the most benefit from it. Even that has been questioned for its legalities many times.

Financial trading and forex have never been illegal in India. Although there are conditions that need to be fulfilled by the organizations. RBI and SEBI regulate it by indicating that such trading should be with INR pairs. So if your broker provides channel alerts and supports trading under INR pairs, they are complying with the terms and conditions. So does iX Global.

iX Global learning platform and systems are also confused with pyramid schemes, a lot of times and are questioned to be a scam.

To give you a perspective – A ‘pyramid scam’ doesn’t exist. If at all, Pyramid happens to be the strongest structure on which the biggest monuments at Giza and Eiffel tower to the structure in the corporate offices still stand strong.

The question is if any business, irrespective of the structure, is providing products or services in exchange for money or not. If it’s just money circulation without an exchange of products or services, that’s a scam and falls under ‘Chit fund and Money Laundering Act’. Since iX Global platform is an educational platform that provides courses on multiple subjects and support to earn through the courses that learners take, this definitely does not apply.

While such questions can make a decision to start your journey with any organization doubtful, at the same time it’s important to understand how informed is the source. After all we all know partial knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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