Yes, iX Global is the best and fastest growing self-betterment platform. We mean it when we say this. Anyone who has used the iX Global app would vouch for this.

The biggest trigger behind the conception of the iX Global learning platform has been the deeply flawed approach that most learning institutions have today. Our learning platform, the iX Global app is a comprehensive education platform designed keeping in mind the different goals, learning speed, and learning material requirements of our learners. Be it the course content or the possibility of learning remotely, the worldwide learning exposure, or being a part of the active community of learners; iX Global app is designed to be your one-stop learning platform. The latest trends that are shaping the future are tech platforms. That’s what iX Global learning platform is.

The iX Global App Advantage

The iX learning ecosystem identified several upcoming lucrative industries and sectors and designed courses for learners and integrated them into one platform to empower digital learners and entrepreneurs worldwide. iX Global’s “Learn and Earn’’ proposition is translated very well through the iX Global app since this platform allows learners both – learning and earning.  iX Global app combined the best community, content and commercial technologies to create the most powerful self-improvement and learning platform in the world.

Smart and Systematic Learning

iX Global app enables both things together – Smart and Systematic learning. The entire course content is arranged and provided to earners in such a way that increases the learners desire to learn more and systematically. The platform is a hub of series of sessions which can be accessed only once the learner has finished the previous one. The app also provides mock tests, LIVE sessions with experts, problem solving sessions within the community; all scheduled in a systematic phase wise process.

Focus on Self Betterment

The objective of iX Global App in a learner’s journey is not just completion of a course or getting them a degree but the courses on our app focus on an overall development to enhance every aspect of a learner’s personality. In today’s competitive world, only knowledge doesn’t suffice. Hence, sessions about communication skills development, confidence development etc are a part of every course that a learner is enrolled in. At iX Global, our ultimate goal is not a degree, certificate or a temporary rise in excitement and motivation but a BETTER YOU. The platform focuses on INDIVIDUALS and their overall developments. At iX Global we believe in providing all the required ammunitions to a learner to be a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, apart from course content, iX Global app provides the learners multiple other features to track their overall development. For example –

  • Behaviour based chats
  • Daily habit tracking

Leverage the iX Global learning system

Learning is an around-the-clock process. Different learners like to learn at their own ease and time, and we understand that very well at iX Global. All our learners have a lifetime access to the courses that they had enrolled for to be able to revisit the course content any time.

The course content is also gamified to keep the interest of the learners active during learning.

Through the app and different social media channels, the learners become a part of an active community to interact with and leverage each other’s expertise in their learning and entrepreneurial journey. iX Global app has one of the biggest active community of learners and entrepreneurs in the world.

The efforts and achievements of every learner is identified in the app amongst the community through social recognition. While this activity acknowledges the learners’ achievements, it also helps in motivating others to do even better.

There are multiple challenges and tournaments help by iX Global learning inside the app for learners to participate. The winners of these challenges get to win amazing prizes and more learning opportunities.

The iX Global learning app houses about 500+ hours of top-quality training courses in a variety of areas within personal, professional and financial development. iX Global aims to innovate people’s lives through the power of community-based learning. The content on iX Global learning app is focused on improving your quality of life and making you a better version of yourself.

Have you downloaded your one-stop learning solution yet? Download the iX Global app via your apple or google store today to get started.



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      Best learning and earning platform with a great potential App . Is global change my life 360° thank you my great mentor vikrant sir, mangesh sir, viraj patil sir, joseph Martinez sir

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