If there’s one thing that boomed during the pandemic, it’s Online Shopping! Online grocery, e-pharmacy, and e-commerce are all sectors that saw a major spike in terms of sales and worldwide growth.

Although the regulatory environment in India got stricter, “India’s e-commerce industry is estimated to clock $55 billion in sales in 2021 with the addition of 40 million new online shoppers”, as per a report by The Indian Express. The next 5 years look extremely promising with the expected online base growing to 300 million (from 150 million in 2019). Doesn’t this already look like a great opportunity?

All large players, including Amazon and Flipkart, are expecting strong sales growth in 2021 and onwards. While many new players have joined this overwhelming wave, a lot of players have consolidated businesses as well. On one hand, the entry of Reliance Industries in the online grocery market with Jio Mart has sparked a rush, at the same time successful individual entrepreneurial ventures are growing by the day.

While digital-savvy entrepreneurs are jumping on this opportunity of setting up their own businesses, the real struggle is doing it the right way. A lot of resources and investments go to waste since most of the new start-up entrepreneurs are not sure of the right e-commerce practices. That’s where the needed support is required.

One of the most effective ways to learn and begin your e-commerce journey is to take an online course. These courses help in building a foundation of skills to help in growing the online business and reaching sales goals. The industry is only getting bigger and its best to learn how to win at this game.

There are multiple credible certificate courses from platforms like Hubspot, Shopify, Udemy etc. iX Global also provides a thorough e-commerce academy within the Ecosystem under the Learn and Earn courses where global experts educate you on the best practices and also teach you in detail about the implementation of the skillset. Through iCom (e-commerce service), each member will learn how to customize their stores, run it, import high demand products and proper advertising to attract more customers online. The service provides an exclusive engaging community to receive help from the experts along with a weekly training call.

If you want to begin generating passive income through e-commerce  full-time or even as a side gig, one thing we recommend is to make sure you learn more about the industry and key information regarding the basics first.

In the end, the businesses that apply these skills to work are the businesses that will be positioning themselves for success in todays online world. Furthermore the individuals who also learn how to leverage this online earning opportunity are also heading in the right direction to a better future. “With global e-commerce sales reaching over 4.2 trillion we believe these numbers will continue to surge tomorrow and for the next decades to come” (Fortune Magazine).  We at iX  advise everyone to leverage these courses and learn how to benefit from this evergreen industry. Don’t ignore the best online opportunity of today’s era!


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