Any company’s leaders are the pillars and foundation of that company. They are the assets for any organisation and key to success. Especially for an educational platform like ours, our leaders and coaches are the faces of everything that we stand for.

What brings us even more proud is, that the leaders who are leading our organisation today are the people who started with us by enrolling in one of the courses on the platform and today they are coaching and leading the way to learn and earn for our new learners.

Let us introduce you to them.

Harsh Bansal

Harsh is a civil engineer by education and was working as a project manager for about 4.5 years when he joined iX Global’s financial course. His reason to start was to support his middle class family with extra income by learning financial trading that he can pursue along with his project management career. He wanted to give his family a better life. This was about 3 years ago.

Today, thanks to iX Global’s “Learn and Earn” program, he has not just increased his trading portfolio to 6 digit numbers and making more money than his earlier salary but is also coaching and mentoring new learners to be able to achieve the same and more.

He is grateful for the learning he got and the mentors who kept him going through his initial journey.

Umang Gogri

Umang Gogri always had an entrepreneur mindset. He belonged to a middle class family which struggled to provide for even the most basic things. He was determined to change the state of things. He dropped out of graduation to build something of his own. He started working for a INR 1500 salary, struggled through many different jobs, while exploring possibilities which could help him learn as well as earn. That’s when he enrolled for iX Global’s financial course.

Today, he is mentoring and leading a community of hundreds of learners. Not just he works with them to share his real time knowledge about current markets but also mentors them to keep them motivated. He himself is a constant learner and leaves no stone unturned to make sure his learners are motivated enough to learn and benefit from the courses that they have enrolled in.

In his own words –  “A 28 year old, college drop out today has ben able to achieve all this success only because of the way iX Global courses are designed –  to make sure the learner’s journey does not end before implementation and earning from what they learn”.

Prasad Mhalsekar

Prasad hails from a small city, Karwar in Karnataka. He is a Mechanical Engineer and worked with Automobile Industry for 3 years and quit his job in 2010, started a business for the sake of better future as he had seen other people doing well in business are make a good income than in a job.

After 10 years in business selling different products, he could not meet his goals. And the last blow was when the pandemic hit and he suffered huge losses. That’s when he got to know of iX Global platform and educational courses. Since he had already burnt his hands in business, he wanted to learn something new where he did not have to keep product inventories, manage supply chain etc. He started learning financial trading and parallelly implementing it as well. This was in the month of March, year 2020.

Today, as he says – life is fun. He works on his own time, on something he loves to do. He is able to take care of his and his family’s requirements and more than everything else, he is mentoring a team of highly enthusiastic learners who are a part of iX Global’s community and he is helping them earn through the courses they are enrolled in.

Savio Pereira

Savio experienced a lot of hardships and struggles while growing up, being a part of a big family with his father being the sole earner in the family. He recalls how his parents made so many sacrifices except one – the education of their children.

He completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering and then MBA in service excellence alongside his first  job. He worked with Daikin Air conditioning and then with a US based MNC as a project manager for 6 years, but still something was missing.

Savio always had that mindset of being his own boss. He considered a few options but could not get convinced till he learnt about the IX Global courses and the “learn and earn” program. His biggest reason – These courses did not involve heavy monetary investment but had the potential to generate substantial income if implemented correctly, specially with the support that the platform provides.

Starting from day he got inspired through the core values which he could relate with his own purpose. He found the courses very well designed even for someone without any corporate or financial background specially how they focused on overall development to create perfect entrepreneurs and leaders.

In his words, “the education model is perfectly positioned with time and requirement of the people, also the level of education and services delivered, I find it top-notch in the industry as it’s just not about delivering education but to help to be profitable with their services.”

Savio is a global coach currently and leads multiple active learners communities as a part of iX Global platform.

The success stories are many and we will keep bringing them to you. But what we are really proud of is the transformations that our platform has been able to bring in the lives of so many of ours learners.

With the visionaries like Joseph Martinez and Viraj Patil and the pillars like the above mentioned and many many more, we at iX Global are striving to bring better and more beneficial courses and programs for our learners. There’s no better achievement than one’s business community becoming their family and that’s what we witness at iX Global, everyday.


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