With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the global economy, even the nature of financial trading has changed dramatically. While stocks and currencies have been up and down; trading of new financial instruments has peaked up.

Today, Foreign exchange, or Forex, is the world’s largest financial market, with daily trading volume of roughly 2.4 quadrillion US dollars. Global currencies are traded by the second on Forex.

The Forex market, of course, is reliant on international trade between nations. Traders are on the search for new markets and possibilities as COVID-19 continues to determine economies throughout the world. On a global scale, online trading has seen significant growth, and India is no exception. Currently, it’s the best time to learn and earn through forex trading. While there are multiple online courses to learn financial trading, one course that not just educates but helps in its implementation too, is iX Global’s forex trading course. We suggest you check it out if you are looking to make money by riding this big wave of forex trade.

Binary options have quickly gained popularity in India since its debut, with more investors eager to participate in binary options. Binary options allow traders to profit from price swings in a variety of worldwide marketplaces, but it’s crucial to grasp the dangers and advantages of these divisive and frequently misunderstood financial tools. That’s where iX Global’s online course on binary options comes to rescue the traders. With multiple sessions on do’s and don’ts by the best in the industry, this course is sure to make you an expert in this domain.

iX Global’s series of courses for financial trading also cover the introduction and basics of Cryptocurrency, another booming global financial tool. Cryptocurrency markets are decentralized, meaning they are neither issued or supported by a central authority like a government and are purchased and sold on exchanges and stored in ‘wallets.’ Hence it’s very important to understand how it works. Our Indian government has made a positive step towards regulating digital currencies in the country.

A financial trader must be able to flourish in a high-stress market. They must be adaptable to change and laser-focused on taking action swiftly. To be a good financial trader it’s important for one to understand the science of it in real time. That’s what a comprehensive financial trading course by iX Global proposes. All the way from “Quick start to Advance”. For the diverse learners, iX Global’s courses are available in multiple different languages; like – Hindi, English Manipuri, and Spanish etc. Furthermore, subscribing to this course also gives you an access to be a part of the traders community which supports each other in making the right decisions. So, if financial trading is something that you are keen on exploring, subscribe to these courses right away. Happy Trading.


  • Nayan Sitapure says:

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  • Lisa Smith says:

    IX Global is offering an opportunity of a lifetime during a very unsettling time. We are provided with an abundance of education to earn an additional income – we all need a Plan B!!!

    Thank you IX Global!

  • Suresh Gat says:

    I am doing iX Since Jan2021 . I am Bery Greatful And Happy For My Freedom Like Financial Freedom & Money Freedom.
    Its Pure Educational Academy & That’s Teaches us How We Can Grow Up Our Money & Also How We Can Manage Our Money . Cause Its More Important To Manage Our Money.
    in Short Guys iX Systems Ke Har Ek Chapter Main Paisa Kaisa Kamana Hain Yahai learning Di Jati Hain.

  • Bhimrao Kondagure says:

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    Thanks to Viraj Patil sir for implementation this amezing opportunity in india in the pandemic situation.🙏🙏🙏

  • Manish Vartak says:

    Great platform for knowledge of world’s biggest market

  • Really IX Global has given a great platform to learn about the world’s biggest financial market and also facilitate us to earn while taking the education.

  • Monalisa Parekh says:

    This is a wonderful work and maximum profit by company.

  • Monalisa Parekh says:

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  • MANISH LAMBA says:

    It’s Really a Tremendous Opportunity to work with the system of IXGlobal. I have been Grown myself Financially,Spritually and in Human Beheivior.We need to just understand the concept of IX Global by Learning the things and Get it implemented in our day to day Practices.
    Thanks to be a Part of IXGlobal Team and I Recommend in very Strong way .

  • Swati Karanjawane says:

    Thnk u so much Sir for giving this opportunity..

  • Swati Karanjawane says:

    I m very thank full to Hiren Sir n all the Team n Specially thnk to our Viraj Patil Sir for bringing this opportunity in India .. And also believe that like me u all also can take this opportunity n earn more income in ur life..

  • BABLU SINGH says:

    It’s right speechThat today digital senerio and help us to earn money using this digital platform so my humble request to everyone to join it as soon as possible so that you can better in your future. in coming years digitalisation growing very fast in every sector like as health, insurance, equity, commodity and forex market etc.

  • Viraj Patil says:

    IX GLOBAL is a gem and is value for money they have figured out the Indian economy and offered courses that would uplift the economy at the right price

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